Validating the interpersonal communication assessment scale

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The Impact of Travel Brochures on Perceptions of Authenticity at Aboriginal Tourist Sites 551Janet Chang, Yao-Chin Wang, and Tzu Lien Lin RESEARCH NOTESThe Construction of a Security Coefficient for Tourist Destinations Based on Travel Insurance Purchase Behavior 563Maximiliano E. The Case of Savonlinna Town in Finland 355 Anja Tuohino and Antti Honkanen Exploring Aesthetic Dimensions in Nature-Based Tourist Experiences 369Monica A. S., 45 Wall, G., 367 Wearing, M., 145 Wearing, S., 145 Wilkins, H., 311 Woodside, A., 169 Wu, C., 411 Wu, C.-Y., 61 Xiao, G.-R., 411 Zhang, J., 319 Zidda, P., 189 Acculturation, 171 Airlines, 381 Answer format effects, 199 Anxiety, 265 Australia, 241 Beijing, 367 Benefits, 221 Biodiversity, 25 Business environment, 105 Caribbean, 33 Caricature, 251 Cayman Islands tourism, 95 China, 367 Complaint management, 231 Consideration set, 337 Consolidation, 133 Consumption practices, 171 Cooperation, 13 Corporate meetings, 133 Cost containment, 133 Critical discourse analysis, 1 Cross-cultural geographical mobility, 171 Cross-cultural research, 199 Cruise-ship tourism, 95 Cultural dimensions, 265 Customer complaints, 231 Customer satisfaction, 231, 311 Decision making, 189 Destination choice, 337 Destination image, 61, 79, 297 Destination management, 231 Destination tourism, 211 Discriminant analysis, 211 Diversity, 1 Economic benefits, 33 Equity theory, 331 Ethnic, 1 Europe, 137 Expenditure analysis, 25 Film-induced tourism, 181 Friends and family, 211 Fuzzy synthetic evaluation, 411 German tourism, 331 Global consumer, 171 Globalization, 171 Hawaii, 289 Hedonic consumption, 289 Hospitality, 137 Host culture, 145 Hotel industry, 311 Image change, 297 Image formation, 79, 297 Image improvement, 297 Image management, 79 Image measurement, 79 Image of Turkey, 79 Impacts, 367 Import content, 33 International pleasure trips, 421 International tourism, 241 Interview with an expert, 251 Iraq war, 421 Japanese tourism, 289 Jewish, 331 Jiu Zhaigou, 411 Latent class model, 221 Leakage rates, 33 Likely behavior, 397 Marketing, 71, 367 Market segmentation, 241 Member satisfaction, 45 Microsimulation, 349 Migration, 241 Modeling, 349 Motivations, 137 Movie-induced tourism, 181 Multidimensional timing decisions, 319 9/11, 381 Names, 71 National culture, 265 Neoliberalism, 145 North Korea, 13 Online survey, 61 Operational strategies, 105 Otherness, 145 Outdoor recreation policy, 71 Outsourcing, 133 Peace, 13 Place attachment, 71 Postpurchase behavior, 45 Preferences, 137, 221 Product/service quality, 45 Recommending, 397 Regression analysis, 33 Repeat behavior, 231 Repeat visitors, 289 Research postulates, 251 Residents' perceptions, 411 Response styles, 199 Response variability, 397 Return travel, 397 Safety, 265 SARMAX, 381 SARS, 367 Satisfaction, 211, 397 Segmentation, 189, 221 Self-image congruence, 311 Skiing, 337 Social spaces, 145 South Korea, 13 State parks, 71 Stay-over tourism, 95 Students, 137 Switzerland, 137 Texts, 1 Theme parks, 181 Tobit model, 25 Tourism, 137, 251, 349, 421 Tourism behavior, 319 Tourism development, 115 Tourism entrepreneur, 115 Tourism entrepreneurship, 115 Tourism impacts, 411 Tourism marketing strategy, 95 Tourism shopping, 289 Tourism statistics, 349 Tourism supply, 115 Tourist, 251 Tourist experience, 145 Tourists' typology, 189 Transnational mobile professionals, 171 Travel, 137 Travel agencies, 105 Travel intention, 61, 265 Travel pattern, 349 Travel risk, 265 Typology, 421 Unification, 13 Urban parks, 221 Utility, 319 Vacation club owners, 45 Vector autoregression analysis, 95 VFR, 211 Visitation influence, 297 War and tourism, 331 Wildlife watching, 25 Abubakar, B., 411 Al-Shorman, A., 377 Aramberri, J., 209 Aziz, A., 79 Berkhout, P. A form for ordering offprints and copies of the journal issue in which the article appears will accompany the page proofs. Copyright: Publications are copyrighted for the protection of the authors and the publisher. A Transfer of Copyright Agreement will be sent to the author whose manuscript is accepted for publication. The file should be arranged as: title-only cover page, title page (with names and affiliations), abstract and key words, main body text, reference list, and figure legends. Figures and tables should be provided as separate files (see below). P., 97 Goh, L., 369 Gosar, A., 65 Hallab, Z., 393 Hassanien, A., 206 Havitz, M.

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