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"She just said, 'I have passed, they cannot take my green beret away from me now'. "It's not a game to her, it is something that she knew she was capable of.We were then both speechless, and were both very emotional. The Army is her life and she wants to make a good career out of it. "Those 30 miles on Wednesday would have taken a lot out of her and the assault course depended on how her ankles and blisters were. "She was always very sporty at school but joining the Army was a big surprise to the family." Capt Tattersall's brother, Richard, 25, added: "She was brought up in a male-dominated world and now she has excelled in it.Warfare is often in the most hostile environments and close combat situations can be bloody and dirty with hand-to-hand fighting and bayonets.

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Veronica is currently a senior at Early College of North Forsyth.

The Semper Fi Coach Award recognizes a high school football coach who exemplifies the Marine Corps motto: Semper Fidelis – always faithful.

Marines from Recruiting Substation Lynchburg assist local first responders, Oct.

I knew I could get over the 6ft wall, which I had failed on previously. It has been a long, hard struggle but it is certainly a good feeling now." After receiving the green beret she telephoned her parents, who celebrated with champagne and said they "could not be more proud".

Her mother Jenny said she was "speechless" when she received the telephone call yesterday morning.

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