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Giving him an expensive gift (even for his birthday or Christmas) will just make him worry about how you'll spend money if the two of you get married.

By the second week you're writing love notes to each other on a daily basis. When a woman gives me something expensive, it makes me feel as if an alien element has come into the relationship -- the element of dollar value as opposed to love and caring.

You're not sure how much to water it, and your instincts tell you to nurture it, so you over-water it and kill it.

Here's how over-giving can kill a budding relationship: He or she will take you for granted and expect you to continue to do more and more for him.

Resentment intruded into perfect love, and their relationship never recovered.

I also feel forced to keep up in some way." Also, no man wants to live the rest of his life with a spendthrift.

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