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The space is pretty small, and the busy location ensures a steady stream of people, so you’ll inevitably share words with someone you don’t know. Jupiter Disco is just one little space-themed room, and people typically come here with the purpose of having fun.

Sure, you could say the same thing about any bar, but it actually gets a little too loud and dark in here to do anything other than stare around the room, see who looks interesting, then try to stand next to them.

You can get a good cocktail here, but you don’t have to jump through any hoops like you do at those speakeasy-type places. It’s a little bar all by itself on a quiet street near the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge, and as far as nightlife goes, it’s the only game in that part of town. When you’re looking for somewhere to go on a Friday night that’s cool but not incredibly crowded, try this place.

Just pop into the narrow little room, order something like a Gin Gin Mule, then accidentally drop some photos of a dog in front of a stranger. The clientele will be young, and you probably won’t be the most attractive one there. Ace Bar feels like the basement of a frat house, but mostly in a good way.

First of all, there are like a thousand kinds of "artists" here.

The vast majority makes "art" you won't understand, and they usually have no money because they live off said "art" that nobody buys.

Brownie points if he lives alone and doesn't have 15 roommates. You even take Drake's advice says and start wearing less and going out more.

If the person you're going out with lives outside of your borough, you think twice about going or you just cancel. You start to rethink every one of your decisions: Why am I doing this? If things don't work out, the good thing is that there are so many people in New York that you'll eventually you'll meet someone you like. Just like with sex, there are some people you won't have chemistry with.

In nearly every movie there's some crazy, romantic story. You don't know what to expect, so the best thing to do is to meet at a bar, that way it's more casual.

They're at a bar, a beautiful woman enters the room and the hottest guy in the city (who also happens to be at that bar) turns to see her. Later, the guy obviously goes over and introduces himself, she responds with something witty and flirtatious and they live happily ever after. You choose a neutral location, that way he won't know where you live, because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

On weekends, there’s a DJ, but there might also be a line of people trying to do drugs in the bathroom.

So maybe just go the bathroom before you come here. Other than that detail, it’s really just a nice neighborhood bar - the sort of place where you’d go for a beer or a cocktail with a friend or two on a Thursday night.

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