Teen dating violence poems

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By A Beauty School Scarlet I was a witness of domestic violence, I was a victim of domestic violence and now I am a survivor of domestic violence.

Domestic violence usually starts at a young age with self-esteem issues and I wrote about it because I want to empower young women and girls to embrace beauty from the inside out.

I can say No False Affirmations We hide in Silence Lessons from a walk in the dark UNBROKEN VOWS Like a bird 2 o'clock No Happy Ending Deadly Storm What a Lad! I know now I am not your possession to abuse and keep You were right, it's dramatic, and all for show But it was you in the lead role, so desperate to grow Like a parasite you tried to consume and destroy my life Like a human being I tried to be your partner, friend and wife Go back to where you came from; it is what you do best Go back to being nothing,; an annoying little pest And when you get there be sure look up high Can you see me beaming brightly, lighting up the sky Each night I am reminded that you are evil, selfish and vile Each night I am reminded how lucky I am, blessed and smile You should see them now you've gone; happy, confident and born again All their own work, they erased you and survived any pain It was much easier than I thought; you can't miss what was never there But unlike you, I did feel true love, I wanted to grow, experience and share What a waste, a pointless thought and an unwanted gift All you saw was credibility, an excuse and blame to shift It is getting closer, that beautiful light calling me Close my eyes spread my wings and I am flying free It's over, just give up and please let us be Never again imprisoned, now and forever I'm holding the key Your self-pity and fairy tales fall on deaf ears Your stories and lies create no sympathy tears One by one everyone is hearing the truth T. there will be pain I try to make things calm, quiet and fast You try to justify, lie and buck pass Please don't put me in a box It doesn't hurt anymore, that's just how it goes I can cope; survive as long as the world never knows Keep my cards to my chest and my true feelings very near But you are getting more powerful, your greatest weapon; my fear Please don't put me in a box A moment of clarity, I'm not protecting them, like I think My greatest failing, my babies, I begin to sink Do to me what you can; they are my reason to fight Tear up all the carpets, there's no where left to put this out of sight But, please don't put me in a box There are agencies a plenty desperate to stand by our side They promise to make a difference; there will be a change of tide Stop, shock horror there is a pigeon hole on reserve Wasn't expecting that, a real ball with a curve Why are you putting me in a box? And if pain has a voice Is it a sob, a cry in the dark?

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You came with your scythe; cut down, and trampled the ground, leaving your prints all over the soil.

I am sharing a side of me that I have rarely share publicly because I hope to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence, and that beauty starts from the inside out.

As a child, I watched my father abuse my mother, as a teen, I was abused physically by a high school boyfriend and verbally as an adult.

Love to the Limit As your fist hits my face Your imprints are left upon my cheek As I scream in an outrage You laugh to keep from feeling guilt I LOVE YOU!

I scream You laugh once again and reply with a kick I’m sorry, I’m sorry Falling to my knees Begging and pleading But you say nothing And I think why does this have to be me Your brain filled with insanity I don’t know what’s next You punch me in the stomach And continue with vital threats As I lie on the pain bruised and in pain No movement from my body Just my blood and your shame I try to weep for help But there’s no one to hear I start to grasp for breath But you choose not to hear You turn your back and walk away Leaving me to be I knew this was the end How could you do this to me?

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