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When was your first hunt and what made you fall in love with the sport?

My first real hunt where I went out to harvest my own animal was just over 3 years ago.

Here is the exclusive raw interview with Jacine where the Huntress addresses the controversy, answers the questions both her supporters and critics want to know and puts the rumors to rest in her own language and her own words.

"I don't expect everyone to condone my way of life.

I have seen a lot of comments in the media lately attributing my hunts to my wealthy parents and that is entirely untrue.

I myself have funded every hunt I have ever been on.

As for the anti-hunters, yes, they 100% treat women differently than men.

It’s true, hunting is definitely not cheap, but I have always been very good with my money and I save diligently.My parents did help contribute to my lion, but only that one animal. The male hunters that I have been privileged to meet and hunt with have all been incredibly supportive!The rest of my african hunt cost roughly a quarter of what the media is claiming and it was all at my own expense just like all my other hunts. I had been saving my money for years so I could buy land and build a house here in Croatia one day. What is it like being a woman in a man's hunting world? They think it is great that women are getting into the sport of hunting and they accept it entirely.There is so much that goes into it; like staying down wind and keeping the sun at your back, differentiating animal tracks and even studying feces.Add in the fact that I was in the beautiful outdoors, breathing fresh air, and spending time in nature. The following weekend I went out again and I was successful in harvesting my very first animal, a Canadian black bear.

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