Heart to heart speed dating

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And then there were the piles of sweaty bodies undulating like one big mass, like soggy, melting tar under the desert sun. "It’s not what you’re thinking," Ten said frantically. Everyone was staring because it was supposed to be a demonstration, but could they be a little less obvious about it?

There were the smells of weed and regret, until you habituated and stopped being bothered by the fact that you were slowly dying. Especially that tall guy on the opposite side of the crowd with a preppy-looking girl just about glued to his equally preppy-looking arm.

- Jaehyun appears in here for like 0.02 seconds; it's more of a Doyoung-centric featuring the other characters in the tags. He might have to change his identity and flee the country afterward, but the feeling of Ten's cold, dead body in his hands would be worth the hassle.

He ended up hearing about the salsa class from a trembling Moon Taeil, who looked partly anxious and mostly regretful of every life decision he’d made that brought him to this moment. "Dunno, I mean, I heard it was hard for transfer students to make friends, so I’m making an extra effort. He'd burn the evidence and hitch a ride on a cargo ship headed to Japan later that night, and he'd start a new life as a secretary or contractor, someone low-profile who absolutely did not murder his roommate in a past life over a disagreement involving amateur ballroom dance. He was going to kill Ten— that is, if he didn't die from embarrassment first.

He was glaring daggers at Doyoung, except those daggers were actually made of cotton candy, and the guy’s smile was gentle and glittering. "I told you I don’t dance," Doyoung said lamely after an awkward spin that Ten managed to save by the hair of its back by catching Doyoung and miraculously making Doyoung’s fall look intentional.

And, oh shit, he was totally smiling right at Doyoung’s face. They were met with applause, and Doyoung’s gaze kept flicking over to the guy from before as Doyoung attempted to melt back into the crowd inconspicuously. — "Salsa" turned out to be more like speed dating for people who didn't want to admit they were speed dating, even though about a third of the participants had come with significant others.

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"He probably just figured I’d say no and didn’t bother to ask," he said, waving it off. Ten's hand on the small of Doyoung's back faltered and jerked Doyoung forward roughly.

Taeil offered him a subtle little pout of sympathy anyway. Ten must’ve sensed this, because he clapped his hands together and said, "Of course you’re absolutely welcome, though! The excessive comments about Doyoung’s perfectly normal lack of social life had decreased in frequency since he went to college, probably because the only people he really interacted with were people like him. It was mildly satisfying but didn’t get Doyoung out of this predicament.

They are focused on their careers, and have very little time to spend in a bar or in a club. I am looking for Heart to Heart Introductions will give you the control you are looking for in your personal life.

- This is a continuation of a Johnil university AU I wrote a long time ago, but there aren't obvious connections or dependent plot points so you don't have to read that to understand this!

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