Consolidating erp systems

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Organizations without much experience selecting and implementing ERP solutions find it difficult enough to find and implement the right ERP software as it is, but these inherent challenges are magnified when considering a best-of-breed solution.So how is a CFO or CIO to make sense of the plethora of variables to consider when evaluating a single ERP system versus a best of breed option?When exploring best-of-breed solutions, it puts more pressure on your internal IT group to manage the technical complexity of integrating multiple systems with potentially disparate data standards integration tools.

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Consolidating onto one server means that more user-driven load and background-driven load will need to be processed, especially because these loads may be running in parallel (as there is no longer a clear distinction between day and night)., which encompasses all software pieces in one server or one database.If more users are accessing the central system through a wide area network, consider the following aspects: Latency is the minimum amount of time a network packet needs to go from location A to location B, bypassing several gateways and routers along the way.Particularly when moving to a single global instance, latency is one performance factor that must not be underestimated.While it’s true that business process and requirements definition is important for any ERP selection process, it is especially true for multi-system initiatives.Before becoming overwhelmed with all of the available options for your functional point solutions for your CRM, HR, manufacturing and accounting systems, you will want to clearly define your business processes, pain points and requirements.

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