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XML schema is supported in a similar way, but requires an explicit schema to be provided: As described above, the parser support for DTDs depends on internal or external subsets of the XML file.This means that the XML file itself must either contain a DTD or must reference a DTD to make this work.If you want to validate an XML document against a DTD that is not referenced by the document itself, you can use the keyword argument to parse from a file.This also enables correct handling of include files from within the Relax NG parser.Since version 2.0, lxml.etree features pre-ISO-Schematron support, using the class lxml.etree.

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Similar to XSLT, there's also a less efficient but easier shortcut method to do one-shot Relax NG validation: lxml.etree also has XML Schema (XSD) support, using the class lxml.etree. The API is very similar to the Relax NG and DTD classes.

The The usage of validation phases is a unique feature of ISO-Schematron and can be a very powerful tool e.g.

for establishing validation stages or to provide different validators for different "validation audiences".

I've created a small Java project on github to validate from the command line using the default JRE parser, which is normally Xerces. There is also a C version of Xerces available if you'd rather use that.

The Std In Parse utility can be used to call it from the command line.

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