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In an article for The Conversation, Simon Mc Carthy-Jones, Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology at Trinity College Dublin, looks at how these sites are manipulating our behaviour, and how we can take back control. Machines, using data from our digital footprint, are better judges of our personality than our friends and family.

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However, this is not a recognised psychiatric disorder and there are problems with the concept.For example, President Trump could block his own access to Twitter on Saturdays, when he has sent some of his most inflammatory tweets.When you check Facebook you can't predict if someone will have left you self-relevant information or not. Facebook reportedly originally advertised itself as 'the college addiction'.Children understand social dominance from as young as 15 months and networking sites prey on our need for social status and reputation (stock image)How can you live the life you want to, avoiding the distractions and manipulations of others? The 21st-century challenge will be how to live when others know us better than we know ourselves. There are industries dedicated to capturing and selling our attention – and the best bait is social networking. Our intelligence, sexual orientation – and much more – can be computed from our Facebook likes.

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