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Former Vice President Al Gore will host a climate change summit after it was abruptly cancelled after President Donald Trump's inauguration.The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention cancelled the climate and health summit earlier this week.One of his staffers, a tall guy, is standing right behind Gore, angling a protest sign over his boss's schvitzing head and neck, trying to give him some shade in the beating sun…when pushing into our midst is a little old lady from Long Island, brandishing her i Phone."You're in my way," she jabs at the young man.

I was floored by how simple it was, how he'd communicated it. It was very hard to get interest at first, because people were still pissed at him for losing the election. Hundreds of thousands—maybe millions—of us were moved to change our ways, reduce our emissions, recycle, even compost., Generation is a "demonstration of a new version of capitalism, one that will shift the incentives of financial and business operations to reduce the environmental, social, political, and long-term economic damage being caused by unsustainable commercial excesses." Between 20, the average annual return for Generation's global equity fund was 12.1 percent; the average stock market return in the same period was around 7 percent.

Referring to how long Trump has been in office the former vice president told the audience at the screening of his latest film: ‘Some experiments get terminated after six months for reasons of ethics’ He went soft on drugs in Brixton, spoke out about the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, and had his private life raked over in the press.

Now, after 30 years of service, Brian Paddick's been hounded out of his job. Or was Scotland Yard simply not ready for a liberal, gay, Oxford graduate so high in its ranks?

Are celebrities more likely to divorce or break up?

Earlier this week news reports surfaced that Al Gore, 69, and his partner had split up.

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