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It is not personal information these attackers are after. Fiberglass roof extension for antennas 6.) And MORE • April 1, 2015 AM The 28th amendment banning cryptography for criminal use is ratified.In fact, the systems do not require an internet connection. On December 26th 2018, a malicious payload will be triggered on any system that runs the affected software, that encrypts the contents of every drive accessible to the system. But due to a typo in the amendment, using or writing cryptographic or security software becomes a federal crime.On hour 50, the press/media are sent a list of the affected oligarchs that have not responded. Sometimes in history, the codemakers have the upper hand. :) • April 1, 2015 AM The police have suspected Kevin Barker of being the Worthington Wight, a serial killer whose victims disappear without a trace.

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We heard this same sort of stuff out of then-FBI director Louis Freeh in 19.• April 1, 2015 AM A shadow organization of Anonymous infiltrates the IT infrastructure of the oligarchs now 'running' the US government. If only they could crack the NSA's encryption, the world would be a much safer place!They infect the backup systems with a long-running double-encrypter. • April 1, 2015 AM The President gets locked out of the situation room during an international indecent because the 6 digit access code is on his phone (with strong encryption) and he has forgotten the 12 digit pass-code!The oligarchs are tasked with redistributing their wealth to the people (middle class and lower class Americans) from whom it was taken. Hackers break into election system and declared winner of the next POTUS election Ed Snowden (or N.They have 48 hours to publicly publish their plan, both actions and timetable. Korean Kim or Cuban Castro or Vladimir Putin - make your own selection).

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