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There is also a fine balance between copper and zinc.Copper-zinc imbalances are implicated in hormonal problems especially those related to blood sugar handling issues.Simply put, an IUD is a ‘T’ shaped device that is inserted into the uterus as a form of long acting (5-10 years) contraception.Let’s first talk about the main types of IUDs and how they work. There’s a hormonal type which is most commonly sold as Mirena and a lesser-used device sold under the brand name Skyla.

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I discuss this more in my articles on the gallbladder and below I note a case history of how this can affect a woman’s gallbladder.

Hey, Mirena’s slogan is “Birth control for busy moms.” I’d agree with you that it is both very easy and effective. It’s often not a question whether your IUD is causing some health problem but how much of a problem it is causing.

The intrauterine device is the most effective type of reversible birth control, (reversible being a key word here).

Copper also influences estrogen and therefore as copper increases it is said that similarly estrogen does too.

Estrogen excess is involved with a host of problems such as PMS, excess bodyfat, and certain cancers.

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