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Additional end-notes, however, offer a a more technical understanding, and cater for those who have a scientific and mathematical background.

The social-cultural anthropology program at Rice has a distinguished legacy dating back to the 1980's when the department became a focal point and provocateur for a major reassessment of the methods of anthropological research and writing.

While there are a variety of scientific and other investigative techniques used to reconstruct the past based on this wealth of evidence, archaeological interpretations are constrained by issues of preservation.

Not everything discarded in the past will survive in the archaeological record, and thus there will always be gaps in our knowledge.

Most excavation projects will include a mixture of both.

This book fills the gap and it offers a two-tier approach to the subject.

The main text is a coherent introduction to the whole field of science-based dating, written in plain langauge for non-scientists.

Many finds of archaeological sites and artifacts are still the result of accidental discovery by non-archaeologists, but there are a wide range of survey techniques in existence that allow for the location of archaeological sites within the landscape.

These range from systematic pedestrian surveys of a region in search of surface traces to the use of aerial photography and other remote sensing techniques (including ground-penetrating radar, bowsing, and magnetometers) to locate buried remains.

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