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One person said that this is how they feel when they take off their bra, while the other one said that this is exactly how she feels when her human form is ripped to shreds only to reveal her true form of a cecaelian Sea Witch. When we Google 'double standards,' we get this definition as the first result, "a rule or principle which is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups." We've probably experienced this numerous times in our lives. Why is it okay for two female friends to hold hands or even sexually experiment with the same gender, but that's not okay for guys? Another amazing example for double standards is shown in the tweet above.This Twitter user said that it's total BS that when Sleeping Beauty spends all day in bed, she's called a "beautiful princess," but when she (Sarah, the Twitter user) does that, she is "clinically depressed." Honestly Sarah makes an amazing point. We've all seen the original Disney animated movie, or at least heard the story, but seeing a live-action adaptation is something every Disney fan looks forward to (and how awesome is that Hermione Granger, I mean, Emma Watson is playing Belle?!? And even though the movie just recently premiered, some Tumblr users already have ideas for possible sequels.She promised Ariel legs in exchange for her voice, and Ursula was nice enough to give Ariel: a) a pair of human legs; b) a pair of legs that matched with her body.I mean, I can imagine Ariel with a pair of goat legs!

This Tumblr post is probably one of the funniest Disney posts I found on the Internet.It had the best TV shows, cartoons, and of course, Disney animated movies.I mean, these new Disney movies are okay, but nothing can compare to the older ones. The Internet is very aware of those facts, which is why we can find so many Disney related posts that will literally make us cry from laughter.Well, I hope a majority will also agree with me that Ursula is the second best.Yes, she's mean, sassy, vengeful, manipulative, and has a weird sense of humor, but come on, she could have been much worse.

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