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'I think many of the men seeking Thai Brides have a limited income or one that is not secure.Many men talked about the cost of dating and romance in the United Kingdom and the perception was that UK women were less interested in marriage today at least the sort of marriage these guys were looking for.' Worldwide research in the United States, Sweden and Switzerland indicate that the average divorce rate for foreigners who marry Thai Brides is less than 20%.'By and large the rule is that where these relationships are compatible, where both parties are sincere and of good or responsible character, then they are quite successful. The PR spins on it works well for the government,' says Alison.The night mare stories we hear of relate to relationships which are incompatible and doomed to failure in the first place.' A problem for UK men right now is that the UK government has introduced strict criteria for UK men bringing Thai wives or brides into the country as part of a larger programme to curb immigration. Alison agrees that there is a negative perception of Anglo Thai relationships in the English media.

She is currently working on a film documentary on Thai brides in England.

'There were some relationships where the Thai Bride or marriage partner was slightly older but I was also struck that the majority of the English men were younger middle aged.' The average age of English men in Alison's survey was 43.

The average age of each relationship was five years.

Of course, I saw that many Thai ladies were beautiful.

But their husbands were actually quite normal and some quite handsome, so it appeared to me.

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