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The married couple is having marital problems because of the wife's infidelity. James encourages the couple to have sex in the limo, which they do. Emily and James then visit the hotel that her firm wants to buy, and she tells James that she fears he would disappear if she touched him.When Emily hugs James, he pulls away from her, telling her that he does not like to be touched.James intrigues Emily; he is quiet and asks personal questions without being demanding or rude.After dinner, they attend a street carnival; Emily leaves after a masked man who looks like James tries to seduce her.The next morning, Emily wakes to find James watching her.He gives her a bouquet of orchids and denies making advances to her the previous evening, and as an apology, he offers to show her the city.Emily is humiliated; Jerome (Greenwood), the owner's attorney, is the stranger she slept with.Jerome uses this information to intimidate Emily to get a better deal for his client.

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Some navy sailors at the party try to make advances on the wife; James fights them and he, Emily, and the couple leave quickly in his limousine.

Emily says that she has become obsessed with James, but that he would never touch her.

Claudia's assistants tell her that a man bought the deed to the old hotel before the deal was finalized; both women realize it was James, who confirms it was him.

Claudia discovers the truth and uses the information to threaten Jerome; if he does not complete the deal, she will tell his wife about the affair. After the meeting, Claudia asks Emily about her impressions of James.

She tells Emily that James was an only child who stuttered, and is a completely self-made man.

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