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Use extreme caution and err on the side of lower pressure when working up a load.] The 3rd Model was especially beefed-up, redesigned, and "fortified" for use with smokeless powder and is fine for modern factory ammo.Alas, only 1st (all) & 2nd (some) Model revolvers fall into the legal Antique category.1st Model (1894-1896): SINGLE-POST top latch; leaf springs; cylinder "free-wheeling" when at rest 2nd Model (1897-1908): DOUBLE-POST top latch; leaf springs; cylinder "free-wheeling" when at rest 3rd Model (1909-1941): DOUBLE-POST top latch; COIL springs; cylinder locked when at rest If you've determined, from the above characteristics, that you have a 2nd Model IJ revolver, here's how to determine whether it was made before 1899 (and thus a legal antique) or not.Fortunately, Iver Johnson built revolvers by the "batch" system, and only changed & upgraded their guns once a year, so it is quite easy to determine whether an IJ is antique or not, just by cursory examination.Continued use of higher pressure smokeless in these revolvers will result in them shooting loose, getting out of time, and parts breakage.[Editors note: So if you want to shoot smokeless in a pre-1899 IJ revolvers, you must handload cartridges to match the lower black powder pressure.

Presumably, this would also mean that they would be exempt from registration if they ever have nationwide gun registration.... Q: But what if I find a pre-1899 gun at a gun shop that was mistakenly logged into the dealer's "bound book" of post-1899 firearms? A: Yes, and the rate of increase is likely to accelerate! 30, 1998 the permanent Brady rules went into effect.

(Sadly, registration looks inevitable within a few years unless there is a massive swing of the pendulum back toward a constitutional republic.) I can literally send you a pre-1899 handgun or rifle right to your doorstep without a lick of paperwork. 31, 1898 cut-off date has been in existence, (unchanged), since 1968.

(Unless your live in for example New Jersey, New York City or D. Thus the pool of available pre-1899s continues to shrink with each passing year, and because of it they A.) Look more and more antique/obsolete to lawmakers--i.e. and B.) Grow more valuable with every passing year.

Based on market trends, I expect that premium to increase considerably in the next few years.

Many of my customers are commenting that they previously had no interest in "antique" guns, but now want one or more because they are paranoid about additional gun laws.

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