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due to a typo, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Daisuke Moriyama.It was originally published by Kadokawa Shoten in Comic Dragon, then a special issue of the Dragon Magazine.Her primary motivation is to rescue her younger brother Joshua, who has been kidnapped and later brainwashed by Aion.Because of a contract she formed with Chrono when she was 12, her life is slowly ticking away.She is almost ideally unfazed by the future she chose when she made her contract with Chrono, claiming she's still going to be "kicking and screaming 'til the very end".Despite knowing exactly who and what Chrono is, she doesn't seem the least bit afraid of him and trusts him indefinitely as her partner.They use various weapons, mainly guns, swords, and melee weapons, many of which are developed by the New York branch's own Edward "Elder" Hamilton.The Order's preferred handgun is the Colt 1911, often loaded with Sacred, standard bullets containing holy water, and Gospel, bullets with alchemy-transformed silver.

Much of the story is driven by the individual pasts of the main characters and the complex relationships between them.

The Order also developed Soul Dive, an experimental system used to dive into souls for direct exorcism.

The Order also unveils its flagship, the Metatron, in the final showdown with Pandaemonium and Aion.

The New York branch of the Order is headed by Kate Valentine, assisted by Ewan Remington, who lead the fight against the forces of darkness.

The Order has many members; however, in times of great crisis, other less generally accepted individuals may be introduced into the Order to help fight the forces of darkness.

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