Collagen content dating

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The next step in this project should be chemical analysis of the material.

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But how long does it take for the organic molecules we are made of to break down after death?Perhaps less impressive than soft tissue preservation, but equally interesting, is the evidence for preservation in dinosaur bone tissue of original molecular components that have a distinct chemical composition.This chemical signature was used to substantiate the presence of medullary bone (a type of bone produced by mature female birds during ovulation) in remains from the Upper Cretaceous of Montana [13].Similar observations of blood vessels, collagen, and osteocytes from dinosaur bone had been published by Roman Pawlicki and his colleagues since 1966 [2], but had not stirred much debate, probably because , which popularized the subject, had not been written and filmed yet.In the last two decades, Mary Schweitzer and her group found additional examples and used a widening array of analytical techniques to document their findings [3-9].

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