Romeo and juliet dating and friendship club

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They must also worry about Makoto's jealous arranged fiancée, Takayo, and her brother, who has a strong sister complex, and Ito's various suitors.

Their personalities are completely different—Makoto is calm, quiet, and beautifully feminine, while Ito speaks, dresses, and behaves like a boy—but they share the same dream: becoming an actor.She told them both that they had to play a believable couple and needed to start hanging out together. She sent them off on to lunch when she had finished. Will glanced at him curiously."So, uh, why are you two hanging out, if you don't mind my asking," Percy asked."Our English teacher cast us both for the roles of Romeo and Juliette.""But, you're boys.""We're rehearsing in the way it was Shakespeare did it. It was published by Hakusensha in Hana to Yume between 19 and collected in 14 bound volumes.It is about the relationship between tomboy Ito Miura and the feminine Makoto Amano who share the common dream of becoming actors, as they work together to hide Makoto's secret identity as a boy. A sequel series, W Juliet II, is ongoing in The Hana to Yume, and collected in four volumes as of February 2015.

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