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Maha, a very popular You Tube polyglot originally from Palestine and now living in Italy (fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, Italian and English) has put together some very good videos aimed at beginners that have attracted a huge following. Rather than reproduce the list, there’s a really good list here of Arabic loanwords in the English language.Here’s one of her videos on pronunciation: Finally, there are quite a lot of loanwords in the English language and if you know other languages that have had a lot of contact with the Arab world then chances are there are plenty of loanwords there as well. Hebrew has a lot of European influence and so do the North African and Levantine varieties of Arabic, where you’ll find words like and don’t be intimidated by Semitic languages.If you’re an speaker/learner I’d like to hear your response to that question in the comments section below.I admit that Amharic’s a language I haven’t studied yet, but after years of Arabic and Hebrew (and some Aramaic in college) I can confidently say that of all the languages that I’ve learned or dabbled in over the years, Semitic languages really are some of the least intimidating to learn. And Talk In which (at the moment) covers 8 dialects of Arabic (also see our Essential Arabic Verb Packs).Both of these languages have very exotic-looking writing, written , and this intimidates people.This is particular true with Arabic because the letters are connected and in both languages some of the letters change depending on their position in the word.As I said in a previous post, take your time with pronunciation and don’t race ahead until you get the sounds right.Like all languages, it just takes time and practice to start producing it properly.

Another major concern for people wanting to study Arabic or Hebrew are the scripts/alphabets.

I’ll briefly mention some, but not all, of my reasons below (with particular attention paid to Arabic and Hebrew). It has the same lesson style as Arabic Pod101 (podcast style video). This is a very unique downloadable audio set that teaches you Arabic through catchy, repetitive music (based on scientific research into ‘stuck song syndrome’ and memory). languages but for these in particular it depends on whether you want to learn the classical variety of Hebrew or Arabic for academic or religious reasons (e.g.

One more thing: in case you’re looking for an online resource to learn Arabic or Hebrew, these are the best available in terms of quality: Arabic Pod101 for Egyptian, Moroccan and Modern Standard Arabic. Judeo-Christian/Islamic theological studies), a standard dialect to engage in business or to monitor current affairs (Israel/Palestine, terrorism, etc.) or a colloquial language for travel to engage and form relationships with local people.

The Arabic and Hebrew scripts originate from the Phoenician alphabet, just like our Latin one does.

This means that some letters actually have slight resemblance to the ones we already know in Europe, and switching between Arabic and Hebrew is even easier because the letters are almost the same.

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