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For more information click here If you are struggling with debt or know someone who is, then you’ve arrived in the right place. We treat our clients as we’d like to be treated ourselves and that’s what sets us apart. We are trained experts, here to help you find the right solution that is best for your individual needs.No matter what your level of debt or your individual circumstances, you should know: 1. We deal with people with widely varying levels of debt and for many of them, struggling with their debts alone can have an impact on other areas of their life, such as family life and relationships. We will also continue to support you through the entire process and throughout the life of your IVA.Exclusively for the Police and Law Enforcement Family No hidden charges, no hard sell. Even if you’re saving small amounts or taking out just a little loan, you’re important to us – honestly! Police Credit Union – Important Information Independent financial advice in all areas of personal and corporate financial planning.Deduction of savings and loan repayments via payroll (in most forces) No admin charges, fees or early resettlement charges. An initial consultation with an IFA is provided free of charge over the telephone or face-to-face.

The clinic is designed to assess, treat, rehabilitate and educate local residents and sports people who are suffering from any musculo-skeletal problems and injuries.

An IVA could be an option for you if: Like a bank, a credit union like Police CU offers savings accounts and loans.

But because we’re a credit union, we don’t use your money to pay massive executive bonuses or speculative shareholders.

Click on this link for more information Free Debt Advice from Mark Skinner of Farleys Solicitors LLP As part of your Group Insurance Legal Expenses Policy, you’re entitled to free debt advice from my firm, Farleys Solicitors LLP, where I’ll be your primary contact.

I can give you advice and information on a full range of debt-related areas including: My aim is to help you find the right solution to your individual debt problems, based on the type and amount of your debts, and other aspects of your financial circumstances.

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