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Press the Enter key, and you’ll notice that employee EMP002 gets pulled up, Lucian Franklin.

And what I should be able to do now is copy that across into each of these cells (D7: G7).

So if you see someone’s name that you recognize, it isn’t that person.

By the way, if you want to learn more about data validation, you should check out my book “Power Tips for Excel.” That takes you through some data validation tips and tricks.

How to vlookup to return multiple values in one cell in Excel?

Sometimes a bug in Excel results in the application displaying the text of a formula rather than the result of the formula in the spreadsheet.

The sample download workbook contains slightly different cell references compared to the workbook used in the video, but the data itself is identical and provides a convenient way for you to practise your VLOOKUP formulas.

In fact, this function also can be applied between two workbooks, please read this article to know more details.

Click on the video below to play it and listen to my audio commentary.

Note: The video was transcribed by Speech and then edited into the form you see below.

We’re going to have a look at three different ways to write VLOOKUP formulas.

One is a straightforward, simple approach, the second is using the columns function, and the third is using the MATCH function.

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