Rookwood pottery dating system

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He was followed by one of Newcomb Pottery's most recognized potters, Joseph Meyer, in 1896.

Notably, George Ohr was hired as a potter at approximately the same time as Joseph Meyer, but Ohr left Newcomb to work on his own sometime in 1897.

When the Pottery was first established, any woman who studied art at Newcomb College was allowed to sell wares that she had decorated, provided it was judged to be adequate for sale by the faculty at the school.

Eventually the women who worked regularly with the Pottery were designated as craftsmen with a preference given to those who had completed an undergraduate degree and a later graduate studies program with the art department.

Sophie Newcomb Memorial College, the women's college now associated with Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Pottery was a contemporary of Rookwood Pottery, the Saturday Evening Girls, North Dakota pottery, Teco and Grueby.

As the school entered the 1920s, new professors arrived and began to introduce influences from the 1913 International Exhibition of Modern Art.

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He was replaced by Jonathan Hunt in 1927 and later Kenneth Smith in 1929.

It was a very rare combination of hand glaze and electro-plated metal, done by the Japanese artist Kataro Shirayamadani. But then we were encouraged to sell other Rookwood collections, and we’ve been doing it since 1991 and have a great time at it.

: Rookwood started here in Cincinnati in 1880 and operated until about 1960.

It was replaced by the Newcomb Guild program that focused more on utilitarian wares, rather than the decorative pottery which symbolized the earlier Newcomb era.

Members of the earlier pottery program including Kenneth Smith, Francis Ford and Sadie Irvine continued producing pieces with the Newcomb Guild.

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