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If the IP address of any of the external hosts changes, I would like to get the /etc/hosts files of all containers updated.

Currently I have to update the extra_hosts section and then restart the containers using docker-compose down and up.

Busy with midterms, she waited until nearly the last minute before flipping open her Windows 10 computer -- only to watch Windows Update take control of her machine until well after the deadline had passed. I could have finished the test on time if it wasn't for the Windows Update," she tells me.

She got a 58 on the midterm, and was barely able to bring it up to a C by the end of the semester.

Is it possible to get the compose file changes reflected in the container’s /etc/hosts file without restarting the containers?

Regards, Yash Hi Yash, It isn’t possible, and even if it was, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea - if that container restarts after a failure for some reason, any changes to your /etc/hosts would be lost as well.

Imagine this: With no warning, a prompt pops up on your screen telling you that your Windows 10 laptop is about to restart.

Maybe you're delivering a presentation to a huge audience. Maybe you just need to get some work done on a tight deadline. Windows will take control of your computer, force-feed it updates and flip the reset switch automatically -- and there's not a damn thing you can do about it, once it gets started. As far as I'm concerned, it's the single worst thing about Windows. And when I poked around Microsoft, the overarching message I received was that Microsoft has no interest in fixing it. On September 1, 2010, I sat within speaking distance of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, ready to help live-blog his every word.

But because Windows had recently downloaded some updates, my computer decided it would be a good time to It was the first of three occasions that a forced Windows update would totally destroy my workflow at a critical moment -- once crippling my computer when I had a hot scoop to share with the world.

Then, Windows 10 came along to add insult to injury.

How do I prevent my Microsoft Server 2008 and SBS 2008 from installing updates when I restart them, occasionally I need to quickly restart them for some software install to take place, but I dont want to have to wait hours for updates to be installed.

Update We schedule reboots for server updates, but sometimes I need it to simply reboot, nothing more.

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