Option backdating and its implications

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In some ways, such a couple may be treated like a married couple, such as when applying for a mortgage or working out child support.

However, in some other areas, such as property rights, pensions and inheritance, they are treated differently.

If you have any specific requirements, for example, you need to specify further matters please indicate this in the remarks section of the application form.

Please note that if you require any amendments to the deed after it has been sent to you we will be happy to do this for you until you are entirely satisfied with the deed. The deed itself cannot be registered at the Land Registry, you should store it in a safe place and we will also keep a copy on file for a minimum of 6 years.

As mentioned above the deeds we prepare also contain numerous sections dealing with a variety of matters pertinent to your particular circumstances based on the information you provide in your application form and in other contact with us.

Some provisions include the proportions in which the property is held, each parties contributions towards the ongoing upkeep of the property, responsibilities for outgoings and who is entitled to live at the property, as well as any specific requirements you may have.

This is the most common way that a deed of trust is protected on the title to a property other than using a Form B type restriction.For obvious reasons, the signature ought to be in ink or some other indelible medium.The individual must sign manually, not in facsimile.Delivery The document must be “delivered as a deed” by each person executing it or a person authorised to deliver it on their behalf (s.1(3)(b), LP(MP)A 1989).Delivery requires that the person expressly or impliedly acknowledges, by words or conduct, an intention to be bound by its provisions.

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