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Laughing Sammy follows her friend out of her LA home as she tosses aside her bra and fearlessly starts jogging along the street. One woman, talking on a phone, can be heard saying: "There's a woman running around in her underwear." Sammy drives along filming the star as she shamelessly gives the neighbourhood an eyeful of her amazing physique.Shay played Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars until it finished last year.Although she isn't exactly a fan of the audition tape, Shay says she can see why they eventually cast her in the role.'I definitely get the Emily vibe because I am so innocent,' she explains.Sure enough, Shay was true to her word as she celebrated the landmark with a topless jog down a busy LA street in broad-daylight.The Canadian stunner, 30, proved she was definitely not one to back away from a dare telling friends: "a deal is a deal." Her You Tube video starts with her thanking everyone for watching and subscribing.

The audition sees Shay acting out two scenes: Emily's first run in with Aria in the pilot and her first meeting with Maya St. She also can't get over how impressed she is with the voice of the person reciting lines with her behind the camera.You can follow @sweetartscandy and #getropedin to witness it all play out today beginning at noon PST. Shay Mitchell: Be yourself, have fun, and try something you’ve never done before. Since everyone’s online dating now, how would you encourage someone to meet face to face? Right now, none of the girls are too happy with Alison, including Emily, but we’re going to have to see if all that blame is right to be put on her.Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we spoke to Shay about her relationship advice, Emily’s insane love life, and how soon is too soon to go for a rebound. It’s all about going out there and finding out what your interests and hobbies are, going to different events that are happening locally, and meeting people that way. Emily’s dating life is crazy, and a lot of that has to do with Alison. Alison and Emily’s relationship hasn’t been too healthy.She explains that the first time that she ever sat first class was when she was returning to Canada after booking the show.Shay also shares a video of herself giving a tour of her hotel room she was staying in while she was auditioning for Pretty Little Liars in L. She makes sure to point out the desk she was sitting in when she found out she got the part, and she remembers she screamed 'bloody murder' because she was so excited.

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