Error updating bios

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I downloaded the utility, unzipped it, and ran "" When I run the utility, I receive the following error message: "10 - Error: Unable to load driver." What am I doing wrong? Hello, I have this problem when trying to upgrade from Windows Vista (ultimate) to Windows 7 (ultimate), and it tells me that I need to upate the BIOS. I have a Dell XPS-M1530, trying to update from BIOS A08 to A9 (1530_A09.exe) or A12 (1530_A12.exe). My tech friend says he cannot understand why the Windows 7 upgrade program is asking to update the BIOS before it will load. Overclocking diminishes the life expectancy of your PC, and can damage PC components (when done incorrectly).When using a silent PC, generally speaking, you are already dealing with higher temperatures than you would with a standard build.

This is usually just because our silent fans spin slower than normal fans.

If you encounter this BIOS error immediately after connecting a new device to your PC, simply disconnect the device and reboot to see if the error continues.

If everything works well after the new device is removed, then you can assume that the new device was defective or unstable.

Some common occurrences which cause this error to arise are: We do not recommend overclocking any part in your Quiet PC.

Overclocking the RAM or CPU is not something we support, because you are basically telling your PC to send more power to the CPU or RAM than the component was designed for in order to increase speed and performance.

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