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Toronto Family History Centre Bulletin 17/2007 Our grateful thanks to all those readers of the Bulletin who have responded so admirably with more questions for The Forum and for the submissions to the new feature Favourite UK County Sites.We need to keep this going - submissions required for next week's county, Lancashire.Finally, if you want to know what parish had what registers you really should obtain one of two books - Yorkshire Parish Registers by Colin Blanshard Withers, which covers all Anglican parishes in Yorkshire with full details of when the registers begin, where the originals are held and what copies exist; or the National Index of Parish Registers, Volume 11 Parts 2 and 3, published by the Society of Genealogists (in two volumes, one covering the North and East Ridings and the other, Part 3, the West Riding). the disappearance after WW1 of Ernest Joseph Gloster.The NIPR gives details of not only Anglican churches but Catholic and Nonconformist as well. Edmund George Benson "late Captain of the Royal Wiltshire Militia". We think that you should firstly search for his death past 1962 when he would still have been only 81 years old. John and William Axford who were in Parkhurst Prison in 1841, transported to New Zealand in 1842 and subsequently returned to England. The records of Parkhurst prisoners for the period 1838 to 1875 are held at the UK National Archives in the HO24/1 series.Where the deceased leaves a will and names in the will an executor (or executors) those persons would normally obtain the court's consent - a Grant of Representation - to deal with the estate. If the deceased did not leave a will or the will was invalid or if the executors named in the will were unwilling or unable to act, other persons may apply to act as the executor for the estate and if granted this would be a Grant of Administration.There seems to be a popular misconception that a will does not exist where a Grant of Administration has been made but this is not necessarily the case.Lancashire records include parish registers, cemetery records, directories, churchwardens' accounts and others. of Beryl Anderson’s historical documents for sale – check back often. id=9cg RAAAAIAAJ&pg=PR1&dq=Lancashire Google Books – type in Lancashire and you’re set for the whole day – including Tim Bobbin:- you’re interested in Lancashire dialect, this will either clear up confusion, or confuse you even more Interesting Merseyside items from old newspapers

Our present collections tend to be biased toward the UK and this represents the interests of a large number of our patrons but this may be a chicken and egg situation - maybe we would attract larger numbers of members of other communities if our collections covered their interests. Favourite UK County Sites The county for next week will be Wiltshire. Volunteers will look up specific names in local records, including census records, some parish registers, directories, Monumental Inscriptions, and references in some books. of the series of sites – growing – cemetery indexes – volunteer transcribers.s=a9504cfedca6d8f021f4111d6949397b&showforum=244 St Helens area. The Local History section of the St Helens Connect site has free downloads of parish records and census indexes for the area.The geographical abbreviations used above are based on the Chapman codes News from the trenches Joan Challis writes:- "I've been waiting quite a long time for a WW1 Burnt Records film to arrive -but it was well worth the wait.Favourite UK County Sites We could still use a few more sites for Wiltshire so we are extending our request another week.Please send us details of the sites you find useful outlining what can be found on those sites.

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