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NET Framework bases its formatting on the specified culture settings.By default, the formatting routines use the culture settings defined on the web server, but you can indicate that a particular culture be used anytime you format. There are standard format strings, which are typically a single letter that applies detailed formatting logic.For example, formatting November 8th, 2010 using the short date pattern displays 11/8/2010 when using the en-US culture; however, the French (France) culture (fr-FR) displays 08/11/2010; German (Germany) shows ; and the Japanese culture outputs 2010/11/08.

Additionally, you can create your own formatting methods for scenarios that cannot be handled by the existing formatting strings. Note that some of these format strings allow an option precision to be specified, which affects how many significant digits or how many digits after the decimal place are displayed.For these I've included an example specifying an explicit precision value, which is why there are more than nine rows in the table below.The code snippets reference As with the standard format strings, the individual pieces of the custom format strings are culture-specific.The day of the week names and month names, for instance, differ based on the culture. NET applications, I've needed alternate formats for date and time variables that aren't supported by . For instance, I have a variables as relative times.

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