Charmed 1x04 dead man dating

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Phoebe and Frankie, the hotel manager, are there.] Frankie: You know why our hotel does psychic readings at the bar, it's kind of a trademark. Prue: Great, until he asked me to spend my birthday at a spa with him. Prue: Well, that’s good because you both know how much I hate surprises. If you had sent Andy his invitation we wouldn't be in this mess. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a present to pay for. (She leaves the room.) Commercial Break [Scene: A hotel.

She's on the phone talking to Piper.] Piper: So have you made up your mind about Calistoga? Phoebe: No, but it's for Prue, it's not for me, it's to pay for her present, it's completely selfless. Our powers are supposed to be a secret, not a marketable job skill. They didn’t hire me because they think I’m a witch, they hired me because they think I’m a psychic. You know you can't use your powers for personal gain, not without consequences. She closes the door.) So, um, I had a great time last night. (He gets a little square box out of his coat pocket.) Happy birthday. (She reaches for the box but he pulls it away.) Andy: Consider this a preview.

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