Validating the results of a route choice simulator

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Comes with custom icon so can be run from workbench screen. Mical In combination with hander.(supplied), lets a user trap keyboard or mouse events before they get to Intuition and if desired, install new (phony/generated/other-devices-mouse-simulations) into the input stream. needed to convert the calling sequence performed by the for the input stream management into something that a C program can understand.

New features include the ability to save images in "iff" format, for reading into Deluxe Paint or other programs that use iff.

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Author: John Draper (aka "crunch") speech Sample speech demo program. Author: Rob Peck speechtoy Another speech demo program. Author: Fred Fish dbug Macro based C debugging package. Provides function trace, selective printing of internal state information, and more.

Draws a rectangle in a single playfield display, then draws "Behind a Fence" several times behind an apparent fence in the rectangle. Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85 samplefont A sample font that produces clubs, hearts, spaces, and diamonds as its four characters.

Shows precisely what is contained in an Amiga font.

Currently does not compile under Lattice C Ver3.02 and does not link under Lattice C Ver3.03.

Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85 Printer support routines.

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