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Read: You CAN stop a chronically difficult person from ruling your life.

Follow @Rhoberta Shaler Happy Wives Club Happy Wives Club, a blog for married couples, is packed with advice for creating and maintaining a long-lasting, blissful marriage.

Read: Coming out day: Non-binary gender Q&AFollow @megjohnbarker Love and Life Toolbox Love and Life Toolbox is a blog that helps couples grow closer and individuals discover their happiness through professional therapeutic advice and tools.

But only a select few really understand what it takes to keep a relationship on solid ground.

Why Love and Life Toolbox is a Top Relationship Blog: Whether you're looking for happiness in your relationship or just for yourself, this blog's professional advice will help you achieve your goals.

Read: This Therapist's Life: Out of the Office with Esther Boykin Follow @Love Life Toolbox Valencia Relationship Institute Valencia Relationship Institute's blog is all about helping families settle their arguments, with a special focus on parents' relationships with their children.

Why The Queen of Hearts is a Top Relationship Blog: Women who want to seize control of their romantic destinies and meet their soul mate will find the guidance they're looking for on this blog.

Read: Truth About Cinderella and Her Money Story Follow @kimsarrasin Relationship expert Natalie Vartanian's blog features fantastic guidance for women who feel unlucky in love or have trepidation about getting into a relationship.

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