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The dating scene can feel a little incestuous at times, but it can be nice to get a full background workup on your newest love interest. The sands are as white as sugar and the Gulf of Mexico stays warm almost all year.

Pensacola Beach isn’t actually within the city of Pensacola, but we still consider it ours.

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People from all walks of life are Wahoos fans, but I’ve never been to a game without seeing at least a dozen other lesbians.

That said, we’ve hosted a massive annual gay Memorial Day celebration for many years. While we play host to tens of thousands (some say more) of LGBT tourists on Memorial Day weekend, that weekend is not representative of everyday life.

There’re many queers in prominent careers in Pensacola, and a visibility of out LGBTQ people has increased in the last few years.

When you visit, pack your sunscreen and get ready for a full day of bikini-clad fun.

The University of West Florida is the main four-year university in Pensacola.

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