Updating task status updates resource status

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A good way to structure this section is to list: How project tracking software can help: Our favorite addition to this section is a customized report.

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This project overview screen includes several items that should be included in your Executive Summary: colored icons to represent the status of important items, the name of the active project manager and the project’s percent complete.It may seem obvious to reference the project name and other items, but without having them on your list, they can be easy to overlook.With the exception of the report date, the project identifiers will stay the same week-to-week. This section should include a high-level review of overall project goals and the progress made toward them so far. This section should indicate the “health,” or status, of various project items, such as the following: “Project health” can be depicted visually rather than in narrative form, using a predetermined color-code to represent the status of each item (as shown above).The third section in your report should provide an update on any known issues, risks or change requests that were identified the previous week, or, bring to light any new ones.Early risk detection and management is essential for successfully completing a project.

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