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Astoria is connected to the Washington side of the Columbia River by the Astoria-Megler Bridge, and Coxcomb Hill, home of the Astoria Column, rises within the city and offers good views of Astoria and the surrounding area.

The westernmost tip of Astoria is known as Smith Point.

The ground rises from the river gradually to the top of a ridge five hundred feet in elevation.

This was originally covered with a thick forest of poines: that part reclaimed by the first occupants is again growing up in brushwood.

Compiled in the Bureau of Topographical Engineers, from the latest authorities, under the direction of Col. I have had the pleasure of meeting with several of the survivors, who have recounted their banquetings, &c.

..." In 1847 the first post office west of the Rocky Mountains was opened in Astoria to serve a population of 250.

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The partners on board selected a point on the south bank of the river and built a post they called Astoria, where the modern Oregon city of the same name is now located. Louis in March 1811, and reached Astoria a year later after a particularly grueling overland journey. On the fourth day after our landing, we planted some potatoes and sowed a few garden seeds, and on the 16th of May we laid the foundations of our first building; but in order to procure suitable timber for the purpose, we had to go back some distance - the wood on the site being so large and unmanageable; and for want of cattle to haul it, we had to carry it on our shoulders, or drag it along the ground - a task of no ordinary difficulty.

The whole of the goods on hand, both at Astoria and throughout the interior, were delivered over to the North-West Company, at 10 per cent. This transaction took place on the 16th of October, and was considered fair and equitable on both sides ..." "... In the morning we had a view of the somewhat famous Astoria, which is any thing but what I should wish to describe.

On the 12th day of December, the death-warrant of short-lived Astoria was signed. Half a dozen log houses, with as many sheds, and a pig-sty or two, are all that it can boast of, and even these appear to be rapidly going to decay.

Astor held the majority of stock, and the rest was distributed among partners including Wilson Price Hunt, Duncan Mc Dougal, Donald Mc Kenzie, John Clarke, and others.

Except for Astor and Hunt, most of the partners were Canadians who had previously worked for the North West Company.

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