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I powered up into Eazy Setup and 800MHz appeared on the screen. Intel's MMC-2 module is a small circuit board with the CPU and interface circuitry... That adds a lot of parts and expense, which is probably why they don't do that any more. If you see the POST error in the picture on your IBM Thinkpad 600X's screen, your BIOS battery is probably dead.You can either use the Model Number Search field and enter “Think Pad 600 2645” or use our very simple Memory Finder to select the correct IBM Think Pad 600 2645 memory upgrade for your system.First select IBM as your manufacturer and then select the correct IBM product type (desktop, notebook, etc) from the selections that follow.With the aquisition of a Thinkpad 600 I'm already well at work upgrading this little machine.I figured another topic similar to the 770 one with upgrade stories, successes, and warnings would be appropriate.

on a free laptop While IBM series usually follow very close hardware specifications, changing the cpu is not that easy. Thank you all From my experience with IBM laptops, it is worth a try, but: - first, make yourself comfortable with removing your present CPU: if you can't remove it easily, you won't be able to replace it anyway - check that you won't need any special thermal compound to stick the cooler back on the cpu - ensure that it is a 440BX chipset you have, otherwise getting a 500MHz cpu will be useless (if you have a ZX chip on your granny laptop, you're out) - I would guess that the price of the replacement mmu would be quite small. Get it and try: if you can get the system to boot, you're a winner. Just wanna make sure there isn't something I need to do before I buy a smaller module. That being said, I have never had good results with upgrading the 600E with a non-Speedstep or Speedstep PIII.Even when I could get them to BOOT well, the machines were unreliable and would throw all kinds of errors at the most inopportune times. I followed the HMM procedure for removing the CPU module, swapped in the new one and put the machine back together.

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