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After he got out he stalked his accuser, threatened her life and that of her family and assaulted her at her place of work.

And he was busted for child pornography before finally being released after a stay in a mental hospital.

But Collins tagged “Kiru Tajikara” on the post and it was easy to see that the photo of Vernon Van Zile on the fitness ad was also in the photo section of Facebook of “Kiru Tajikara”. And the use of false names, etc, show that he is attempting to deceive the public and keep his past secret.

A fraud who claims to have been taught ninjutsu by a mysterious old man, among many of his silly claims, he also has done time behind bars for what he tried to do with a 13 year old girl.

Despite the ban on registered sex offenders being on Facebook, Van Zile has a lot of presence there. He has this set up just to promote “MMA Girl.” https:// Another page for his business. timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=100000318253876&pnref=lhc He seems to have set up this account to build up his athletic business and goes by the name Kiru Van Zile.

https:// This seems to be a fake account set up to give good reviews and promote his business. hc_ref=ARQk5HOuwzsor Cx Eibvq7d Pvd S-LXgwda KEuye Fh X-JZw A7qo9Ya Iya_jynb PG-Ie Dw&hc_location=ufi And another fake account for the same purpose. id=100010300869484&hc_location=ufi And a third account that seems mainly to exist to promote his business while pretending to be a third party giving rave reviews. hc_ref=ARQLj V3FSn3Pm Gwiq Vyivb U3Hzs5sa_dwyr Odk SHbwrcgxz P1O_h Z3o YWh MM6p3yky0 In the martial arts, it is not unusual for frauds to get together and form an organization to appear more legitimate. What I do want is the word to get out so that the local police can look into him and all the interactions he has been having with children.

I have exposed him and his claims and he has tried to threaten my family, but always fled from direct confrontations.

So from time to time I check in on his Facebook page, Shadow Warrior Publishing, to keep up on things a bit.

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