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'When does life begin' is a key question to be addressed in the matter of abortion.

Oil, natural gas, and coal have provided a huge, high-quality energy subsidy to the modern world.

That subsidy, which has enabled human population and wealth to grow exponentially, is based on finite resources and cannot continue indefinitely.

For example, when tallying the energy required to build a solar photovoltaic panel, what should be included in the accounting?

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The island once had temples dedicated to Apollo (the Artemission), Leto (the Letoon), Artemis, Hera (the Heraion), Zeus, Athena, Hercules, and Asclepius.

The Temple of Apollo housed, from the 6th century BCE, an 8 m high cult statue of the god made of wood and covered in gold.

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There was also a temple dedicated to the twelve Olympian gods (the Dodekatheon).

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