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The fun goes to a different level when you are using an Android handset.

There are lots of reasons why you might wish to block certain websites on a Mac.

On this page we can make modifications to Apple's blacklist, either preventing access to a site that Apple isn't aware of (or simply doesn't classify as adult), or allowing something that's been wrongly zapped.

Click the symbol beneath either box and enter the URL of the site to be allowed or blocked. For greater safety, it's better to go for the whitelist approach - that way you have complete control over the sites your child can visit.

Or you can just lift all the site restrictions in one go by selecting the first option in the Web tab: 'Allow unrestricted access to websites'.This method cannot apply restrictions to administrator accounts. You'll spot a few Safari icons in the following dialogue boxes, but don't be fooled: the restrictions will apply to any and every web browser on your Mac.You don't need to set up separate restrictions for Firefox, Chrome and so on.Select Web (or Content, in older versions of mac OS and Mac OS X) in the top bar.(If another administrator has made changes to the account's restrictions and then locked it, you'll need to click the padlock at the bottom left and then enter your admin password.) You've got three options: allow the user account to visit any websites; stop the account from visiting adult websites (based on Apple's own list - but you can add or remove sites from the restricted list); or restrict the account to a whitelist of approved sites. Select 'Try to limit access to adult websites automatically' (note the word "try" - Apple doesn't claim that it knows every adult website in the world, so cannot guarantee your child won't stumble across something dodgy if you use this option) and then click Customize.

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