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She was talking to the teacher, she was very cute and adorable, beautiful too. Class started, but the teacher had Miika introduce herself to the rest of the class. They gave her, her schedule, and asked if you could guide her to her classes. It was very good you shared the same classes, you were able to give her advice about how to act in front of teachers, and what was allowed in class. It was just Study Skills, finish homework, but it was the 1st day of a new year of school, so no homework until in two weeks.

She may have been flat chested, but looks isn't everything.

Miika was sitting next to you, you two were writing down on what was on the broad, the class ended. You got the center and exchanged the ticket for a gift, you two received front seat passes to a firework show. You wrapped your arms around her body, and hugged closely. "What do yo-hmph" She slammed her lips against your's and began to kiss you, the fireworks went off. You held her closely, and slid your hands down her skirt, you groped her ass, and she let out a moan.

You two walked to 6th period, there was an awkward silence for a bit, but your best friend broke it. Miika blushed even more, but was really depressed in the inside, it's going to be even more worse if you find out. Miika: (Y/n), I'm sorry, but you're going to hate me for what I am. " Miika moved back a bit, she took her jacket and shirt off, revealing her bare chest. His eyes widen, you placed a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the other side of the door, and you locked it.

You died your hair to (Red/Green/Blue), and you were in fingerless gloves, black shoes, some band bracelets, First Semester just passed, and it wouldn't be surprising if a new kid or two showed up.

Class started, all of your classes were the same, but one thing was new, you noticed a cute girl.

A man doesn't have to be famous if he can make me feel special.

In your ripped jeans, black shirt, ripped vest ith pins and patches.

Miika: Oh, (Y/n) can you please get me a stuff animal?

The game had a toy revolver, you got one clown, you'd get a stuff animal, but get all six, you get a golden ticket for a special gift.

Teacher asked for you to raise your hand, and so you did.

The cute girl went to go sit next to you, there was always an empty seat to your left. When the cute girl went to sit next to you, you decided to introduce yourself. (Y/n) (Last Name)" She smiled at you, and blushed a bit.

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