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But only 50 lucky people were the ones that got the lighter, because only 50 lighters with Crosshatch pattern were made.Many thanks to Marcel from Germany for pictures of his collection.

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Their very first lighter was named Unique and was released in 1923.There's been numerous guides out there to fakes and the best way I think is to look around for some pictures of fakes and compare them side-by-side.The tell-tale sign is the lettering on bottom but I've noticed that on a lot of fake ligne 2's, the ridging on the top of the flint cover is almost "u" shaped in the middle, kind of like a ligne 1's, but to a lesser extent.In war times, when quality material was hard to achieve, Dupont lighters were made of aluminium, the company quickly returned to high quality materials after the war, great series of petrol lighters were made from that time untill mid 50s and there were Dupont petrol lighters produced even later.The first gas lighter made by ST Dupont was introduced in 1953 under D57 code mark, when the roller was turned the nozzle jumped up and the gas automatically begun to flow, closed lid pushed the nozzle back to the position.

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