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A large blue rectangle, like a wall, as wide as three men with their arms out and as tall as a tree. I haven't heard that in a long time."-1999-"Yes, it's all very brilliant really." Fuyutsuki leaned his head to the side, so the phone was cradled on his shoulder, "She seems like a career woman, but I wouldn't peg her as devoting her entire life to the concept."He wheeled around in his office chair, looking down on the college campus below through his window, "Gendo Rokubungi? some unsavory rumors in fact, and from trustworthy people... You too, bye."He set the phone back on its cradle and let out a sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose. He picked it up, "Professor Fuyutsuki speaking."His eyes widened, "Since when did he want me to sponsor him?On the top was written: SEELE: 01It wasn't the only one either. This puts us in a precarious position."And what do you want me to do about it? not that I hadn't given it thought, it just seems like Ikari has a brighter future ahead of her. Alright, fine, I'll go bail him out."Gendo Rokubungi waited patiently in front of the hospital, clutching his right arm, which had been wrapped completely in bandages.When they stepped on he hadn't been expecting what was coming. At the bottom were the makings a facility, even surrounded by a few roads... Clearly not an effect of nature, nor was it man-made."This facility is quite large."Gendo nodded, leading Fuyutsuki around another corner, "We're heading to Central Research right now, it's right around this corner."He hadn't been expecting what he saw. Her daughter Ritsuko was behind her, watching her work on the small computers. We're going to change the world Professor, this prototype will be our tool, and as a part of GEHIRN, you can help us shepherd humanity into the future."-Present Day-Fuyutsuki fumbled with his binds a bit, cracking his neck and trying to adjust his position. GEHRIN was disbanded and renamed NERV, all staff were transferred... Officially it was labeled an 'accident', but it was actually suicide."Misato didn't know how to respond to that.Giant servers covering the walls of a large room, in the corner was a small desk with several computers, and at that desk was one of his old colleagues, "Dr. The elder Akagi turned and smiled, "Oh, Professor Fuyutsuki, it's been quite a while. "It wasn't long until it happened."The incident in the testing labs for Unit One? Yui Ikari was killed in a freak accident, and her son was there. For the past ten years she and Ritsuko had slowly grown apart.I'm not used to being liked, but hatred is very familiar to me. "Fuyutsuki raised an eyebrow, "Yes." They walked down the street, completely silent.Yui trailed behind Fuyutsuki, backpack over her shoulder with one strap, "I heard you got mad the other day professor.""Not mad," he said softly, "Startled yes, and I don't like him very much."Yui chuckled, "I'm the one who recommended you to him.You and Maya helped with that." The scientist twirled the pasta around her fork before bringing it to her mouth.

He doesn't really seem to be your type.""Not at first, but I got to know him and he can actually be nice.

He was glad that darkness greeted his eyes when he opened them.

When he mustered up enough coherence to move his neck and look up something aside from the darkness entered his vision.

I see."Fuyutsuki stormed into Gendo's large office, if the place could have even been called an office. He approached the desk, slamming down a stack of papers, "That transfer before the ADAM incident wasn't coincidence," he growled, "You requested it and took copies of all the research data with you!

It was more like a great hall with a desk opposite the entrance. "Gendo leaned forward, clasping his hands together, expression unchanging, "And? '"This," she said proudly, "Is my life's work, a state of the art biotechnological computer, the MAGI system.""The MAGI, as in the three wise men? Ritsuko, you can head home now, I'll be in a bit."Ritsuko nodded softly, a bang of black hair falling over her eyes, "Sure..."Dr.

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