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Twitch recommends you use a machine that has at least: Unlike Twitch, You Tube doesn't set minimum requirements, but it can't hurt to aim for the same baseline equipment.

All that streaming also requires an internet connection with a decent upload speed.

For the best quality, somewhere in the region of 3 Mbps is really the minimum.

If you're not sure of the upload speeds your Internet Service Provider gives you, head to Speedtest to find out.

With these gaming headsets, not only will your commentary sound great, but you'll also be better able to hear your enemies sneaking up on you.

Once you've made arrangements to put all your gear and games in place, then you need a broadcasting application.

In our opinion, though other decent apps are available, the best and most flexible choice is OBS Studio, which you can install and use for free.The installation of Logitech Webcam Software also includes the video messaging program Logitech Vid, as well as a control application.At the end of the configuration process, the Logitech Webcam Software will display a test image and—if the camera has a microphone—the level of incoming sound.As with OBS Studio, you can find full guides online to help you connect XSplit with Twitch and You Tube.The process is fairly straightforward—XSplit's ease-of-use is one of its best features.

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