Outlook 2016 calendar tracking not updating

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I have a user who does not receive updated tracking information for meeting responses.

When he clicks the Tracking button all of the responses say "none" though he has received responses from all of the recipients saying that they have accepted his meeting request in his inbox.

Most of us regular Outlook users are well-versed in the Request/Response model of doing things other than email.

Take an appointment in your own calendar: add an invited attendee or two, and you've created a meeting. The meeting invitations were sent out and the list of attendees is listed and tracked.

He is using Outlook 2007 SP2 in Exchange Cached Mode. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

The invitee said she accepted the meeting and choose not to send a response.It doesn't seem right to me that a person who had not accepted and a person who has accepted but chose not to send a response are both listed as None.Am I missing something here or is this a useless feature? There isn't a magic connection between the meeting invitation and Outlook - Outlook needs to be told that the invitation was accepted (or declined) and the way to tell Outlook is to send the response.We had a new executive start and therefore added the executive assistant as a delegate to his calendar.She added a bunch of meetings in her Outlook but they were not showing up in his Outlook.

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