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Well today’s dish falls under the none-of-the-above category, but is still dazzling enough to share.

*wink* Korean Pancakes: Pajun (Pajeon) are made from a standard savory pancake batter mixed with shredded potoatoes and various fresh vegetables, then are pan-fried to perfection.

This second new market is in Phyongsan, North Hwanghae Province.

Phyongsan already has an official market (most towns only have one), so it is possible that this new market is meant to replace the old one (a fairly routine occurrence in recent years).

Vendors pay fees and taxes to sell in these markets (they are integrated into the public finance system).

Also, the sign over the entrance to these markets uses the Korean word 시장.

This particular market area was built sometime after 2015-8-16.

It was constructed in increments, but appears to have been completed 2017-4-1.

Along the river, on the northern side of the market, there appear to be numerous individual stalls, so it is possible that food is sold here (this would seem to make sense since it is next to the river).

…tossed it with my steak, and let it marinate for about 30 minutes…

…then while it marinated, I chopped up some peppers and onions, and then skewered them all up and brushed them with the remaining marinade…

And sure enough, an hour later at home, these kabobs were happening.

I just whipped up a simple Korean steak marinade…(I chose to forego pears, which aren’t in season, and just stick with the basic Korean marinade ingredients)…

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