Updating builder cabinets

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I fill the sweet little julep cups with a few blooms until their next use. Keeping them filled has seemed to deter other miscellaneous items being placed there . Currently we have it up slightly higher since we have a narrow island and Chris tends to hit his head on light fixtures, but we have decided to drop it later this week.

I added a soft sisal runner, though I keep alternating it with a red and navy traditional rug. The sisal is plusher, which I prefer for washing dishes. Clearly I couldn’t wait to get back to writing, so I’ll share an updated image soon!

Our kitchen makeover is simple – embracing what we have and making the most of it, rather than fighting it.

Key elements like copper outshine the countertops and make it feel more classic.

I love versatile pieces – it makes a beautiful wine chiller and a vase as well!

I found the corner shelves to be a little awkward and susceptible to clutter, so I use them as storage.

If we had used a cool tone paint color, it would have immediately made the cabinets feel out of place.

When our chrome Kitchen Aid mixer met the end in spring, I replaced it with a copper Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

We also painted the walls in a soft cream to blend with the backsplash.

It made the kitchen instantly appear larger and fresher.

I say kitchens because it evolved through the years.

Upon moving into the house, we almost immediately removed the square nickel hardware and warmed it up by adding brass pulls and handles – the same we plan to use once we do a full kitchen remodel.

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