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The i Pod is basically held together with industrial glue.Starting at the side, work your shim around the exterior of the i Pod where the metal meets the plastic.Most i Pods are user-fixable and you don’t need to be a total geek to make it work.An i Pod, no matter which version you have, is basically a self-contained, battery-operated, pocket-sized computer.Select Restore and Update to kill the troublesome code in storage and bring it up to the latest factory settings. After it’s updated, it’s simply a matter of syncing with i Tunes, and you’re hopefully good to go.Step 3: Minor surgery If your i Pod is still giving you trouble at this point, then it means you’ve got a hardware problem.Even if you’re not, you should have a look through the detailed step-by-step guides at i Fixit to get an idea of what’s ahead.A wrong move could render your i Pod dead for good.

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Take heed, though, as the farther into our plan you delve, the greater the chances you’ll kill your warranty or permanently damage your i Pod.

But, then, if you’re desperate enough to go that far, chances are your warranty is up anyway, so what have you to lose, adventurer?

Apple’s superb design of the i Pod isn’t just what you see on the outside, the inside is organized into easily recognizable parts that can be manipulated and removed with very few tools.

That folder icon means your hard drive is having a physical problem that’s stopping the i Pod’s processor from getting to the data it needs.

This problem is common, and contrary to what you might think, it doesn’t always mean that your hard disk is hosed.

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