Rude dating

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No one objected to the harsh realities of the early stages of dating.

Dating was shopping, and your decision was not final until you committed to someone.

This specific question mark came 36 hours after my last exchange with “One Milk Two Sugars” (not really One Milk Two Sugars), a F/25 newly minted lawyer, getting the hang of odd work hours. What if he grew weary of texting a woman he didn’t seem destined to meet anytime soon?

All of these things, however crass they may seem, were very tastefully done, and show the boundaries that Man Seeking Woman is willing to push.

MSW tells the tale of Josh Greenberg, played by Jay Baruchel of This is the End fame, as he tries to navigate the mindfield of what post-turn of the century dating has become.

In it’s first six episodes on television Man Seeking Woman, FX channel’s newest edition to its repertoire, has made reference to the lore of the Greek gods, introduced an interdimensional squid monster made of penises, and seen it’s protagonist not only go on a sit down blind date with a troll, but also fake his own death and subsequent funeral.

Hitler also makes an appearance in the first episode to boot.

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